The modal component is a hidden dialog box that only opens when triggered.


The modal is comprised of 4 main elements:

  1. The wrapping element, div.cwf-modal, encapsulates all modal pieces and indicates if the modal is visible or hidden using an aria-hidden attribute.
  2. The overlay element, div.cwf-modal__overlay, spans the entirety of the screen when the modal is opened, tints all content under it to make the dialog stand out, and adds or removes the modal from the tabindex using a tabindex attribute.
  3. The close button, button.cwf-modal__close, closes the modal and is always located at the top-right of the viewport.
  4. The dialog box, div.cwf-modal__dialog, contains the content and is the central focal point of the modal.


The modal will open when the location hash changes to the ID of the wrapping modal element. This is usually triggered by adding a link to the modal on the page, but may be tapped into using custom JS or other means.

Once the modal is open, it will automatically focus the dialog box. The focus will be trapped within the modal until closed, cycling through the dialog, its focusable elements, and the close button.

There are 3 ways to close the modal:

  1. Clicking the close button.
  2. Clicking anywhere on the overlay outside of the dialog.
  3. Pressing the Escape key.

T4 implementation

Modals are implemented in T4 as the "Modal" plugin, meaning its classes are .plugin- prefixed instead of .cwf- prefixed.


This plugin can be used within the global "Site-Feature", "Site-Sidebar", and "Site-Footer" sections to have it displayed globally within the feature, sidebar, and footer areas respectively.


In the "Injectors"* or "Name" field of the "Modal" plugin, the following injectors can be used:

* These features are only supported on T41.


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