The footer component, located at the bottom of each page, provides contact information and resource links for your visitors. The footer fulfills most of the content requirements in the VCU Web Standards and Guidelines.


The footer has three distinct columns:

  1. Left - Required contact information
  2. Middle - Optional HTML content
  3. Right - Optional social media links

On smaller devices, these columns will stack vertically in this order.

The left and right columns of the footer may not be used for purposes other than displaying contact information and social media links. Site authors have the ability use the middle column as they see fit or they can leave it blank. We suggest using to link to related VCU resources under a "Helpful resources" heading.

Social icons

When implementing this component, please use the corresponding Font Awesome social media icon for the platforms below:

Please use the fas fa-link icon when linking to a platform not listed above.

VCU standards

Underneath the footer columns is a row of links to:

On smaller devices, these links will stack vertically in this order.


There is no footer specific javascript included.

T4 implementation

The footer is implemented in T4 as the "Footer" Compass content type, meaning its classes retain the .cwf- prefix.

Social icons are automatically inferred by the URL of the social links used in the content type. If an icon cannot be matched to the URL, a generic link icon is used instead.


This content type should only be used within the global "Site-Footer" section to have it displayed globally within the footer area.


In the "Injectors" field of the footer content type, the following injectors can be used: